Bringing the Best of Data Discovery and Corporate BI

Webinar with Forrester Research

With the growing popularity of Data Discovery tools that enable business users to quickly visualize and analyze data, the question for CIO’s becomes – how do I manage the enterprise BI platform together with these various departmental BI tools that business users like?

Join us for a webinar with guest speaker Boris Evelson, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., to learn about key strategies for giving your business users an interactive data exploration solution that is easy to manage and control for IT.

You will see a Business Intelligence 3.0 solution that brings together the best of Data Discovery and Enterprise BI through collaboration and unique contextual connection, allowing users to:

  • Connect to any data source and model it on the fly using in-memory technology
  • Analyze data using suggestive and automated insights
  • Collaborate with recommended colleagues on the data cell level
  • All in a single web-based user interface and a managed and secure environment


Watch now >>


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