Rony Ross

Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer

Rony Ross is the Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Panorama Software Ltd. Rony previously held the position of Chief Executive Officer since its inception in 1993 and has been the driving force behind Panorama’s success to date. As Executive Chairman, Rony plays a significant role in expanding Panorama’s global presence, leveraging her over 25 years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the business intelligence industry.

Rony has a strong background in both software development and marketing, and holds a successful track record of managing research and development centers for a number of multi-national software companies before starting Panorama Software in 1993. By 1996, Panorama had become the leading developer and marketer of software products for OLAP and BI in the Israeli market, gaining over 75% market share in just over two years. In October 1996, the company’s OLAP software technology was acquired by Microsoft Corporation and formed the basis for Microsoft’s database technology known as OLAP Services and renamed Analysis Services 2000. Rony holds an MBA in Marketing from Tel Aviv University Business School, a Masters of Computer Science from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Tel Aviv University.