April 2012

Business intelligence 3.0: Necto shines at Microsoft and Panorama Open House


Innovation in business intelligence software is one of the hottest technology areas for companies. Companies want the latest tools to analyze their data because they know their rivals are doing the same. Panorama recently had the pleasure of meeting the BI-using public face to face at a joint open house with Microsoft Israel. The star of the event was the new Necto business intelligence application, which delivers social BI contextual discovery and advanced analytics features to a wide variety of enterprise users.

The event’s 120 attendees got a chance to hear the effect that Necto can have on businesses. The spotlight went to Israel Aircraft Industries’ Miki Lumnitz who took the stage to describe the positive effects that Necto adoption has had on his company’s productivity. IAI has deployed Necto to 2,732 users who, Lumnitz said, they are finding the new system easy to use and intuitive despite its large number of features. The company uses 14 separate modules and the users have become adept with them, despite a very short training period.

Lumnitz stated that although many employees already use the system, he receives new requests every day from workers hoping to gain access. Completely satisfied with the system, Lumnitz said, “I can’t find any reason in the world for a NovaView customer not to upgrade to Necto.”

It is always exciting to receive such a ringing endorsement for a product. Lumnitz’s endorsement highlights how Necto has distinguished itself from the mass of BI applications on the market. The world of computing is turning social, and the time will soon come when businesses are divided between those who can mine significant insight from social corporate intelligence and those being left behind. Necto is designed to make sure its customers create a social enterprise and lead this new way of BI.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 integration is another key data source for the Necto, and so it was appropriate to have Microsoft as a partner for the open house. Beyond a simple integration point, the additional features which Necto provides greatly enhance and extend the Microsoft stack making, Microsoft a very supportive partner of Necto.

Meeting the BI-using public is always as thrill, especially with a strong and exciting product to show off. Working with Microsoft and convincing users of the new system’s benefits in person is a rewarding experience, and Panorama was proud to take part.

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