February 2012

Panorama Sold Itself at the NRF’s 101st BIG Show


Please don’t take that headline literally, it was merely a stab at making a retail pun to describe Panorama Software’s experience at last month’s BIG Show, put on for the 101st time by the National Retail Federation. Don’t worry, Panorama certainly didn’t change ownership during the four-day event at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

What we mean is that attending the event alongside our close partners Microsoft and retail solutions provider ITR Software gave us the opportunity spread the word about the benefits of Business Intelligence 3.0 and further tout our cutting-edge BI offering – Necto.

Just ask our CEO, Eynav Azarya, about the BIG fun we had at the BIG Show – OK, no more puns.

“We were ecstatic to have been invited to participate in the Microsoft booth at NRF and were very pleased with the results,” he said. “With the traffic generated to our pod and the joint meetings with Microsoft, not only were we able to showcase our joint offering but we have also added a number of customers to our pipeline – with one customer already quickly moving to the proof of concept stage.”

The show also bolstered our already tight-knit affiliation with Microsoft.

“The partnership between Microsoft and Panorama has always been fruitful and NRF 2012 is another excellent example of the success we can achieve when collaborating,” Azarya added.

In an industry so marked by change during the past several years – in terms of shopping and spending habits as well as demand for certain products (Who doesn’t own a smartphone these days?) – real-time insight into these trends can’t be more beneficial. By analyzing your stored customer, sales and product data, your company will be better prepared to know exactly what consumers are looking for and how they go about purchasing goods.

And these capabilities will be bolstered even further with the next-generation functionality we’ve built into Necto. Adding in social aspects and relevancy means that end users can collaborate and drive greater value out of information, while being presented with all the data that is necessary for their responsibilities and job functions.

So give Necto a try to see what it can do to grow your business. After all, you don’t want to sell yourself short (couldn’t help the pun). Download a free version of Necto at http://www.panorama.com/resources/download-necto/.

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