December 2011

Seemless and Secure Mobile BI with Panorama Necto


Some can still doubt the value of Mobile Business Intelligence (BI), others question data security but the numbers exemplify a rapid growth rate for Mobile BI! And it seems pretty reasonable if some of the obvious benefits of Mobile BI are taken into consideration. Aberdeen Research analysts are firm that it will help companies to:

  • Get into real-time decision-making
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Create and manage flexible work-flows
  • Increase their responsiveness to customers

Moreover, Gartner, one of the most advanced and reliable research organizations, predicts one-third of all BI functionality will be accessed mainly through devices like mobiles and tablets within one to two years. This isn’t a question anymore. Vendors need to hurry to get on-board this train!

Here at Panorama we have never doubted the importance of mobile BI. When Necto was introduced to the market and Social BI started to catch up, there was no chance the platform would not be available on mobile. The only question was how we would offer our application in the most secure setting.

With development of iOS and other platforms dozens of companies have developed BI applications of all sorts in effort to get business intelligence at the fingertips of users while they are on the go. But the main challenge they all faced is the fact that their Apps are not the same as desktop BI – They create a totally different user experience. Many of the apps are even limited by the data volumes they can analyze in order to grant the stable performance on a mobile device. Don’t get me wrong here, it’s not that all Apps are bad, they are simply different. Different interface, navigation and other limitations require from users have additional knowledge which creates more frustration and leads us to a well-known road to low BI adoption numbers.

Here’s another interesting fact: despite the growth and attention from the media, still only 30% of the companies surveyed allow their business data to be accessed by smart phone users and only 19% by tablet users as was revealed by another study conducted by research company Vanson Bourne. This is understandable as companies strive to protect their data, which is compromised if a device gets lost or stolen. And as we dive deep into the world of Mobile BI excitement, we have to remember about the other side of the coin. Mobile devices are easy to learn, more fun to play with, easy to carry around and much easier to loose.

With all that in mind Panorama has developed a Mobile BI solution that enables organizations not only to place the business data at the fingertips of its employees while they are on the go, but also to eliminate 2 major pitfalls on the road to Mobile Enterprise future: Security Issues and Interface dissonance.

Necto Mobile creates the same self-service and intuitive user experience throughout all desktop and mobile platforms. Creating the same cross-platform interface ensures the increase in overall technology adoption which correlates with the main goal of Necto – always deliver powerful and innovative Business Intelligence technology in an efficient and simple manner.

Using advanced virtualization technologies we have lead everything to a common denominator and created a virtual environment where all platforms are seamlessly integrated for Necto user. He has no need to worry about data transferring as it is done automatically every second.

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