December 2011

Self-service BI among companies’ top priorities for 2012


While the use of business intelligence solutions is expected to increase in 2012, a recent report from the Bloor Group revealed that many new deployments will be focused on self-service capabilities.

Implementing self-service business intelligence ranked second on respondents' lists in terms of top IT priorities for next year. That fell below only respondents' desires to integrate analytics with operational processes, according to the report.

Other report findings showed that, as acknowledged by 71 percent, traditional reporting was the most common form of BI in use among respondents. The report also found that 51 percent of respondents said their companies' use dashboards, which also topped the list of technologies "currently being deployed."

Predicative analytics was the most common technology that respondents said they "plan to implement," according to the research.

A recent Deloitte Consulting report covered similar areas of BI use and found that many companies are planning to expand their platforms next year. Researchers said most of the "data goes to work trend" will revolve around the explosion of enterprise data many are now coping with. Analytics is one way to leverage the increased volume of data, the report said.

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