October 2011

Social among top enterprise technologies


As more companies look to foster collaboration among employees and promote the rise of the social enterprise, such technology will become increasingly important during the next several years, according to a recent ZDNet report.

The use of social processes and applications, such as social business intelligence, was identified by the news provider as one of the "Big Five" enterprise technologies for the next five years. As such, social technology will help to shape how companies do everything from delivering IT to employees to dealing with the data boom.

Full adoption of social technology will begin at the top of an organization, according to the report.

"Both leadership inside the company as well as top representatives to the outside world must engage in social channels to show how they’d like change to happen," contributor Dion Hinchcliffe wrote for ZDNet.

Speaking with Enterprise Apps Today earlier this year, Forrester Research analyst James Kobielus identified social business intelligence as the next wave of enterprise analytics technology. Adding a social experience to BI will allow for greater input from employees to lend more value to stored business data, he said.

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