In the past several years, Business Intelligence discovery tools have gained popularity, driven by decision maker and analyst demands for tools that enable quick exploration of unstructured and new data for faster, more accurate decisions. At the same time, IT maintained its vision for corporate BI, compelled by the desire for standardization and scalability.

The demands conflict, and business users have been taking independent action — circumventing IT to get their coveted ad hoc capabilities. But there is an impact to the organization. Multiple BI solutions create costs and complexity as well as disconnected islands of data and reports that are virtually impossible to bridge.

One Solution for all BI needs

Panorama Necto is a Business Intelligence 3.0 solution that bridges the gap between IT and business users with one unified solution that satisfies the needs of both through a single web-based UI. Necto is the only solution that allows you to connect to any data source and model data using in-memory technology, analyze it using suggestive insights and collaborate with recommended colleagues – all in a single web-based user interface and controlled, secure environment.


Data Environments


Provide users with different BI expertise with end-to end BI capabilities for advanced analytics, contextual discovery, collaborative BI, in-memory BI and Big Data analysis. Mashup data in one view using industry standard in-memory engine that supports most data environments. Find out more about Panorama Necto industry solutions.

Self-Service Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence 3.0 is the only true self-service business intelligence solution, designed to reduce IT involvement in the day-to-day business analysis. Providing an intuitive, easy to use business analysis tools designed for business and management users, enables IT resources to focus on the deployment and administration of business intelligence tools rather than generating reports. Business Intelligence 3.0 solutions are easy to use and understand allowing users of varying skills independently fit the solution to their own specific needs.