Maximize and Extend Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has been the top choice for companies to help them get organized and promote a team-first environment. With SharePoint users are enabled to share information with others across the organization, manage documents from start to finish and to collaborate with each other on a daily basis.

Panorama Necto enhances SharePoint framework with social BI capabilities, allowing greater collaboration of organizational data and insights. Sharepoint users can now collaborate on various dashboards and reports within Necto while still working in their Sharepoint environment. By enabling Sharepoint users to receive Necto discussions within their Sharepoint MySite, promotes greater adoption of BI data among non-BI workers.

The combination of SharePoint and Necto expands the capabilities of the customer’s Business Intelligence solution, integrating seamlessly to offer a turnkey enterprise solution that maximizes collaboration & social intelligence, data delivery, know-how management  and efficiency.

Panorama Necto for SharePoint highlights:

  • Running right inside the SharePoint environment
  • Making SharePoint Business Intelligence Active
  • Adding Social BI layer for enhanced collaboration
  • Contextual Discovery for advanced analytics
  • Freedom from any Data Source limits