Strongest OLAP Analytical Tool available for Microsoft SQL Server 

For 17 years Panorama Software has been top ranked for OLAP Analysis. With the release of SQL Server 2012, Microsoft introduced the Business Intelligence Semantic Model bringing in memory computing to the next level.  Combined with a recent release of Necto Panorama not only integrates but extends and enhances the Microsoft platform with Business Intelligence 3.0.

Panorama Necto for SQL Server 2012:

  • Natively supports MS SQL Server 2012 OLAP and In-memory (tabular mode) platforms; DAX and MDX
  • Efficiently utilizes OLAP and In-memory models simultaneously allowing users to benefit from using both of them
  • Provides innovative ways to create and manage OLAP cubes automatically
  • Provides advanced analytical tools for the power users
  • Connects to any source of data
  • Makes SSAS the strongest Data platform available today with Necto automatic analytics capabilities and cause & effect algorithms
  • Utilizes metadata richness in your analytics work
  • Adds Contextual Data Discovery and  Automated Relevant Insights (One click Cause and Effect Analysis)