Necto 15 allows enterprises to leverage the significant investments they’ve made in data environments, and use that information for better business decision-making. Necto 15 also overcomes the common business challenge facing many enterprise: incompatible data sources, allowing users to connect to, and mash up data from a variety of data sources.
  • Powered by an industry standard in-memory engine (Microsoft xVelocity), Necto provides a generic tabular architecture that can connect to most relational and OLAP databases. In just a few clicks, users can mash up data easily from the corporate BI platform and from ad hoc data sources (Excel, unstructured or semi-structured data) for intuitive data discovery.
  • Access to corporate BI data and ad hoc unstructured data sources in one view
  • Industry standard in-memory engine for fast performance
  • UI based self-service modeling for all user profiles eliminating the need for developers, script and coding
  • Single point of contact for data management

Gather business insights through analysis of unstructured and semi-structured data

Through a partnership with Datawatch, Panorama layers its powerful BI 3.0 solution on top of unstructured and semi-structured data, such as external reports, PDF files, EDI streams, log files and XBRL sources. Datawatch’s information optimization platform enables organizations to transform traditionally static reports from traditional BI platforms (SAP, Cognos, Oracle, etc.) into dynamic reports, and to connect to different unstructured data sources that were previously impossible to access. With Panorama Necto on top of the Datawatch’s platform, users can now analyze, explore and collaborate on larger data pools in a unified, self-service BI environment.

-See Panorama Necto Product Tour:

Panorama Necto Product Tour (short)