Financial Services

With increasing competition, consolidation and global expansion, the financial services landscape has been changing at a dizzying pace. Industry consolidation has reduced the number of players in the market but deepened the capabilities of those remaining, making it more important than ever for firms to differentiate themselves in the market. As companies merge, there is a critical need to integrate data from disparate sources and systems. Combined with increased regulation and consumers that are less loyal to products that they view as commodities, financial services firms are experiencing increased operational pressures. Customers want efficient, inexpensive, personalized services available through a variety of channels. New regulations require frequent, accurate financial compliance reports and diligent monitoring for illegal activity. Financial services institutions are striving to meet these demands and balance them with increasing costs, tighter budgets and controlled risk. Success is possible ― for companies that can make sense of the vast quantities of data at their disposal. With Panorama business intelligence solution, forward-looking financial institutions can benefit from accurate and timely information to maximize profitability and manage risk, thus achieving greater shareholder value and competitive advantage. Panorama Necto for Financial Services >>


Panorama Necto for retail delivers the complete range of BI capabilities: reporting, analysis, scorecarding, dashboards, business event management as well as data integration ― and turns data about customers, merchandise and operations into knowledge. And that knowledge provides greater insight into performance, empowering retailers to make more informed decisions, gain a competitive advantage, strengthen customer and vendor loyalty, and improve profitability. Panorama Necto for Retail >>


In this competitive world, making a great product isn’t enough anymore. That means manufacturers can no longer rely on low prices, high quality and on-time delivery alone to keep them on top. These attributes ― competitive advantages a decade ago ― are now just requirements to stay in the game. And the rules of the game are constantly changing. Manufacturers face increasing globalization, more competition than ever, and customers whose demands reflect their own knowledge and expectations of a global market. Panorama business intelligence solution helps decision-makers work more effectively, efficiently and proactively by dissolving silos, and increasing collaboration between the back office, front office, warehouse, customer service and more. By transforming the ever-increasing flow of data generated by disparate systems into competitive information, manufacturers can improve tactical and strategic decision making. Panorama Necto for Manufacturing >>


Panorama Software provides BI solutions that address the unique dynamics and management challenges faced by companies in the media, publishing and entertainment sector.   Today, Panorama works with global brands such as MTV, Sony BMG, Knight-Ridder, Gannett and others to help improve management of both traditional and online sales and marketing, allowing them to track current performance and forecast trends. Panorama Necto for Media >>


Panorama Software provides best-of-breed Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to telecommunications companies around the world. We understand the trends of industry consolidation, aggressive competitive pressure and technology convergence which make issues such as customer loyalty, churn and maximizing revenue streams fundamental for the overall business. With multiple data sources and systems, pulling the data together for informed decision-making is essential for effective long-term revenue growth. Panorama’s Necto BI solution provides telecommunication companies the ability to share information across the entire enterprise. Panorama’s flexible solution improves data management flows and reduces inefficiencies of redundant data. By providing a flexible platform, other software and customized applications can be easily integrated. Panorama Necto enables a deeper business understanding for fast-informed, high-quality decision making. Panorama Necto for Telecommunications >>