Panorama Software provides BI solutions that address the unique dynamics and management challenges faced by companies in the media, publishing and entertainment sector.   Today, Panorama works with global brands such as MTV, Sony BMG, Knight-Ridder, Gannett and others to help improve management of both traditional and online sales and marketing, allowing them to track current performance and forecast trends.  We have contributed to these accomplishments in one or more of the following ways:

  • Fast access to sales results through next-day delivery for informed decisions.
  • Enhanced competitiveness with the ability to benchmark performance against other regions and organizations.
  • High-impact marketing campaigns enhanced by comprehensive feedback and improved forecasting ability.
  • Reduced operating costs by identifying potential for greater efficiency across the organization.
  • Provided greater visibility into supply chain performance, to ensure optimal inventory levels.

Solution Description:

Worldwide leaders such as EMI Music in the UK tripled their digital product line sales in 2005 with the help of Panorama.  Nearly all of EMI’s 6,000 employees leverage Panorama’s self-service reporting, analytics and performance dashboards to obtain structured data, as well as in-depth research on the all aspects of EMI’s business.  Panorama eliminates the burden on IT, empowering the information worker to find the insight they need to make sound and informed decisions.

The result – employees can now access detailed sales data from around the world, which was previously not possible, and they are also able to run sophisticated self-service reports that provide granularity and a near real-time view into sales performance, ultimately helping these users make informed decisions that drive the results of the business.  In addition to sales data, EMI and other media customers also use Panorama to measure marketing and promotion effectiveness and monitor corporate performance and results.  Panorama is an integral part of how these organizations manage their day to day business.

Why Panorama?

Panorama differentiates itself from other BI solutions as it provides no platform of its own (having sold its OLAP server to Microsoft in 1996) and therefore provides a heterogeneous suite of BI front-end applications or BI viewers to market leading BI platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, SAP NetWeaver BI and SAP BW.  Panorama natively queries its supporting platforms, without extracting any data or duplicating metadata, securely and with fast response times over the web.  Panorama has invested many man years into developing its applications’ UI and user experience, focusing attention toward ease of use, intuitive navigation and flexibility.