Panorama Necto provides the industry’s leading Mobile BI Solution – allowing professionals with access to their data and advanced business intelligence capabilities while on the go.

The simple and intuitive browser-based interface delivers a seamless and smooth Mobile BI integration, setting BI users free from their desktops.

 Necto Mobile Business Intelligence Solution Supported devices includes:

  • Windows 8
  • iPad
  • Android

Mobile BI for the go

Getting data analysis and business intelligence capabilities at the fingertips when needed has never been easy. Whether it’s a KPI, chart, grid, data visualization or even whole complex set of workboards, Necto makes advanced analytics  available on any laptop, tablet or other mobile device.

Cross-platform Necto Interface

Delivering the same intuitive interface on any given device Necto creates the same user experience across all mobile platforms and eliminates the need for any additional knowledge or effort from users.

Managed and Secure Mobile BI

Considering that mobile devices could be easily lost or stolen, data security becomes a major issue when dealing with Mobile BI. Necto Mobile BI leverages the same security algorithm that made it’s desktop version so popular among enterprises.

Management and security settings are maintained by the server, which enables the same access to corporate data regardless of devices. This method allows organizations to reduce risk by keeping data inside their firewalls and away from third-party applications.