Bringing the Best of Enterprise BI and Data Discovery

Panorama Necto is a Business Intelligence 3.0 solution that brings together the best of Data Discovery and Enterprise BI through a collaboration and unique contextual connection. Necto is the only BI solution that allows you to connect to any data source and model data using in-memory technology, analyze it using suggestive insights and collaborate with recommended colleagues – all in a single web-based user interface and controlled, secure environment.

Improving every step of the decision making process

Connect – intuitive discovery from multiple data sources

In just a few clicks, users can mash up data easily from the Corporate BI platform and ad hoc data sources (Excel, unstructured or semi-structured data) for intuitive data discovery.

Power users can easily connect to multiple data sources and model them on the fly, no coding required, while non technical users can leverage Necto to analyze and visualize data from the corporate database and Excel spreadsheets.

  • Access to corporate BI data and data from ad hoc unstructured sources in one view
  • Industry standard in-memory engine for fast performance
  • UI based Self-service modeling for all user profiles eliminating the need for developers, script and coding
  • Single point of contact for data management


Explore – one view for all users

Leveraging the concept of Workboards (dynamic and rich dashboards), Necto enables users to analyze, visualize, track performance, discover hidden insights and collaborate with colleagues – all within a single browser window, for any user type.

  • Provide business analytics to business users and deep dive capabilities for analysts (slice and dice, advanced formulas, drill through) in one tool
  • Save time and effort spent on research with guided analysis and recommendations (one-click insight that finds irregularities in the data; cause and effect that provides possible reasons for results)
  • Advanced Visualization to assist users understand data trends
  • Powerful search engine enables users to search for people, insights, context and content intuitively without the need to know the data structure
  • Geo analytics offers powerful multi-layer visual analysis on top of maps


Collaborate – annotate, comment, discuss

Panorama Necto takes collaboration seriously by embedding it in every level of the decision making process. Whether analyzing data, viewing a dashboard or simply building a new model, users can initiate, conduct and track conversations and share their insight without leaving the Necto application.

  • Leverage the power of crowdsourcing right inside the BI application
  • Collaborate and create annotations on models, workboards, charts, grids and data cell levels
  • Get recommendations on people within the organization that are most relevant to the issue being solved
  • Optimized for extranet to enable partner collaboration outside of the firewall
  • Intuitive collaboration makes BI viral across the organization.


Watch Necto Product Tour

Panorama Necto Product Tour (short)

End-to-End Business Intelligence Solution

Panorama Necto Business Intelligence Solution includes: