To succeed, organizations need to provide self-service BI analysis tools that fit all business and management users. Necto provides an interactive BI application with a business friendly user interface especially designed by business users for business users.

Unified Solution for all Business Intelligence needs

Panorama Necto brings all BI applications into one place – Workboards, that allow you to analyze and visualize data, create reports and even collaborate with your colleagues. In just one click users can connect to Excel or any database and model the data on the fly. All within one system, without the need to switch between different applications and with zero training required.

Unified Business Intelligence Solution for all BI needs

True Self Service BI

Leveraging self-service modeling, Collaborative BI and Automated Insights and Recommendations, business users have an easy to use BI tool that enables them gain quick, efficient and relevant insights for informed decision making and requires minimal IT involvement.

With Necto, BI solution can now be used by all users – analysts and business users, including management, marketing, sales, operations and finance. Business Intelligence has finally become what it should be – a core component for business analysis in the continuous effort to improve business performance.