Panorama Software provides best-of-breed Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to telecommunications companies around the world. We understand the trends of industry consolidation, aggressive competitive pressure and technology convergence which make issues such as customer loyalty, churn and maximizing revenue streams fundamental for the overall business. With multiple data sources and systems, pulling the data together for informed decision-making is essential for effective long-term revenue growth. Panorama’s Necto BI solution provides telecommunication companies the ability to share information across the entire enterprise. Panorama’s flexible solution improves data management flows and reduces inefficiencies of redundant data. By providing a flexible platform, other software and customized applications can be easily integrated. Panorama Necto enables a deeper business understanding for fast-informed, high-quality decision making.   Achieving more efficient means of management and obtaining a greater understanding of customers are key to surviving in today’s telecommunications market.   Panorama solutions vary from company to company and include:
  • Monitor, manage and optimize performance of telecommunications network
  • Analysis and reporting of customer behavioral trends, loyalty, churn, etc.
  • Rate/cost optimization analysis and reporting
  • Traffic and revenue data analysis and reporting
  • Decision-making tools for business account managers and sales force.
Our customers also use Panorama Necto to comprehensively analyze and manage their business, using performance management dashboards and scorecards with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  This allows executives to effectively define, disseminate, and monitor fundamental business measures, manage costs and market strategy, taking timely action to ensure maximum execution of plans.