Collaborative BI


The sweeping success of social consumer applications is now infiltrating the enterprise world. Enterprise employees who use social sharing, instant communication and crowd-sourcing in their personal lives, are now looking for that same capability in their corporate applications.

Social Enterprise

The “Social Enterprise” defines a new level of connectivity within the corporate world, leveraging the social grid to share and collaborate on information and ideas. Industry analysts believe that the Social Enterprise represents the future of corporate structure, where yesterday’s bureaucracy gives way greater transparency and efficiency. Business intelligence is an ideal application for social collaboration, as BI provides a hub for organizational decision making critical to long-term growth. A socially-enabled BI platform consistently drives a more efficient operation where problems are simply uncovered and fixed before they can wreak havoc on revenue streams.

Collaborative Decision Making with Necto 15

Panorama Necto takes social collaboration to the next level, embedding the power to connect with colleagues into every level of the decision making process. Whether analyzing data, viewing a dashboard or simply building a new model, users can initiate, conduct and track conversations and share their insight without leaving the Necto application. With Necto’s collaboration capabilities, users can:

See Collaborative BI in action:

Social Business Intelligence

Panorama Necto is the only BI solution that enables collaboration on data-specific insights (as opposed to simple discussions on a report level), allowing all users to work together to resolve issues, make decisions and share insights – all within the BI system. Necto offers a true collaborative decision making platform for the enterprise by enabling ad hoc groups with a common interest (i.e. a product, a service, a geographical area) to become a social insight-generating network across the entire enterprise. Using these social connections, users can learn how colleagues are deploying the system, follow what they develop and discover, leverage their BI reports and analysis while tracking the evolution of that analysis, share comments, and collaborate on information and insight. Necto also records all annotations and discussions, creating an archive of intelligence that can be mined and analyzed to enable future users to quickly answer questions that have already been conquered.

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