BI Software for Dummies – Smart Data Discovery

Giving that insight to people across your entire organization ensures that they prioritize goals and activities based on actual business performance

Performance Management

  • Panorama workboards enable users to create interactive, collaborative and personalized dashboards that offer a quick view of the business health and trend lines, based on a powerful KPI functions, grids and other customizable components for performance management.

Data Visualization

Panorama workboards is a powerful tool that allows creation of complex views, taken from an unlimited number of data sources. Using the Dashboards Management tools, users can define pages to include several components in a single page. Without the need for coding or complex IT requests, business users can define and manipulate the dashboards as required.

Various Data Sources

Using Panorama Necto’s in-memory engine, users can connect to data from their corporate BI platform the Corporate BI platform and ad hoc data sources (Excel, unstructured or semi-structured data) for easy data discovery. Learn more about data environments supported by Necto.

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