Panorama Management Team


Eynav Azarya

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer for Panorama Software, Eynav is responsible for the strategic vision and direction of the organization. Prior to being appointed Chief Executive Officer, Eynav was VP of International Sales and Partnerships, overseeing revenue generation and international partner relationships while driving customer success. Before joining Panorama in 2001, Eynav was Chief Operating Officer  Continue Reading »


Rony Ross

Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer

Rony Ross is the Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Panorama Software Ltd. Rony previously held the position of Chief Executive Officer since its inception in 1993 and has been the driving force behind Panorama’s success to date. As Executive Chairman, Rony plays a significant role in expanding Panorama’s global presence, leveraging her  Continue Reading »


Kobi Averbuch

Vice President, Research and Development

Joining Panorama in 1996, Kobi brings to the organization ten years of industry experience in software development and product design. Kobi has lead Panorama’s research and development since the acquisition of Panorama’s OLAP server technology by Microsoft. He has successfully executed and managed development of Panorama NovaView 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 leading to  Continue Reading »


Uri Rubin

VP Software Development

As the Software Engineering Vice President, Uri oversees all aspects of Development, Testing and Deployment of Panorama Software’s product. Uri previously held the position of R&D Director, Applications Team Leader and Software Engineer. Uri has been an inspirational leader and an uncompromising technical manager.


Michal Zahavi Agmon

Finance Director

As Finance Director Michal runs the finance department in Canada, US and Israel and is in charge of all the financial side of the operations, including budgeting, planning, reporting, collection, cost controls and negotiations. She works closely with the company’s Auditors and tax advisors to close the audited books and to file the tax reports  Continue Reading »


Daniel Chen

Vice President, Customer & Corporate Success

As the Vice President, Customer & Corporate Success, Daniel oversees all aspects of building, revitalizing and optimizing Panorama Software’s product support. In addition, Daniel is responsible for the service pack development and quality assurance while leveraging customer insights to drive customer success. Daniel previously held the position of Director, Customer Success, and has been an  Continue Reading »