May 2014

Panorama Launches Necto 14 to Offer Infographics for Dynamic Data Visualization

TORONTO: Panorama Software, a provider of business intelligence has introduced Panorama Necto 14, a business intelligence data discovery solution to provide business users with a uniquely personalized and collaborative data discovery experience presented via highly visual and dynamic infographics. With Panorama Necto 14, users across the enterprise can easily explore, measure, track, and share critical  Continue Reading »

April 2014

New business intelligence tool uses infographics to open up data

Business intelligence is all about making dry figures accessible and useful to managers and others within an enterprise. Canadian company Panorama Software is aiming to create a better data discovery solution with the launch of its new Necto 14 product. It allows users to explore, measure, track, and share critical data visually to gain knowledge, boost collaboration,  Continue Reading »

March 2014

Honorable Mention from Information Week

The only new news, quadrant-wise, is the emergence of Alteryx and Panorama Software into the Visionaries quadrant. As for Alteryx and Panorama, the two vendors that jumped into the Visionaries quadrant, “Panorama was praised for its “high marks for ease of use, breadth of use, and enabling users to conduct complex types of analysis. Panorama  Continue Reading »

December 2013

Mobile BI fastest growing, yet least satisfying BI capability, Gartner says

Mobile business intelligence (BI) is the fastest growing BI capability, yet the one with the lowest satisfaction rate among BI customers surveyed by research firm Gartner.

Gartner defines mobile BI as enabling enterprises “to deliver analytic content to mobile devices in a publishing and/or interactive mode, and takes advantage of the mobile client’s location awareness

May 2013

Get Relevant Data from Panorama Necto Right from Your Mobile Device

Source: SQL Server Pro Magazine
Author: Blair Greenwood

Panorama Software has released a new version of its business intelligence (BI) solution, Panorama Necto. The easy-to-use web-based application now delivers more corporate BI and intuitive data discovery capabilities for DBAs.

April 2013

BBBT Hosted Panorama Software on March 15th, 2013

Source: Digital Journal

Panorama Software presented to the Boulder Business Intelligence Brain Trust (BBBT) members on Friday, March 15th, 2013. Rony Ross, Chairman and Founder, discussed how Panorama Software has brought together the best of Data Discovery and Enterprise Business Intelligence through collaboration and unique contextual connections

April 2013

Panorama introduces Necto v12

Source: IT in Canada
Author: Rachel Levy Sarfin

Business intelligence software helps companies gain valuable insights into their own data in order to make better decisions. The BI software company Panorama believes that such intelligence can be worth even more when that technology goes social. Panorama recently released the latest version of its BI software, Necto. Necto v12 further enhances the platform’s social features and speeds analysis and data modeling.

March 2013

Panorama Adds Recommendation Engine, Improved Collaboration to BI Solution

Source: CMS WIRE
Author: Barry Levine

Recommendation systems have been popular for years in social networks, online booksellers and other sites. Now, Toronto-based Panorama Software has unveiled a new version of its Necto business intelligence (BI) solution that incorporates a recommendation engine to help drive discovery.

The Toronto-based company said this is the first time that such recommendation functionality has been utilized in a BI system. Necto, launched in mid-2011 as the first socially-enabled BI solution, centers around a dashboard called WorkBoard, where collaboration and recommendations can take place.

November 2012

Panorama Software Founder Rony Ross: ‘Women Have To Own Their Financial Capabilities’

Read an interview with the smart and fascinating founder of Panorama Software, Rony Ross, where she talks about the difficulties of being a female tech entrepreneur in the 1990s, as well as the challenges of taking her business from an Israeli-based consulting firm to a global product that was eventually acquired by Microsoft — all by herself.

October 2012

Panorama Necto review by SQL Server Pro Magazine

Source: SQL Servevr Magazine
Author: Brian Erlich

Panorama Necto has not only the expected standard BI functionality but also some functionality that’s completely unexpected. Panorama Software has added social features, exception tracking, and automated insights to its self-service BI solution.