Necto Interactive Tours

Use the following 2 minute tours to learn how to use Necto
with our easy and interactive Necto 15 click-through tours.

Note: when running the tours the blue boxes reflect information for you to read and the yellow boxes give you actions to take.
You can also pause the tour, or even go back, using the slider and the Pause and Play buttons at the bottom of the screen.
Introduction to Necto

Learn how to start using Necto and the capabilities it puts in your hands.

Collaborating and sharing knowledge

Learn how to use the Necto collaboration features by discussing the insights with your peers or adding a layer of annotations on the data presented.

Data Discovery and Analytics

Learn how to research the data and discover insights, easily, with Necto. Find out the guided analytics capabilities of Necto and how you can utilize them for fast insight discovery.

Creating a Workboard

Learn how to easily add to Necto a new Workboards that you can design and assemble on your own.

Automated tools to share insights and alerts

Learn how to find the most relevant people to the data you are working with and how to build automated notifications from Necto for yourself and for your peers

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