Central Bank of Bosnia & Herzegovina using Necto Internally and Externally!

CBBH Case Study “While other companies were telling us take it or leave it from the shelf, Panorama offered us the flexibility we needed”. That is how Almir Salihovic, Head of Governor’s Office and project manager for implementation of Panorama Necto in the CBBH, comments Panorama’s operation on CBBH. CBBH is the Central Bank of  Continue Reading »

Panorama Necto Customer Testimonials

Neopharm: “Panorama Necto is extremely easy to use and with the self service features our users can create their own private views, reports and dashboards and share the information with their teams.” Necto has enabled us to expose relevant BI data to our major suppliers where they can analyze the data that is relevant to  Continue Reading »

Queensland Health Chooses SQL Server 2012 and Panorama Necto Solution for Ultimate BI Suite

Company Profile Queensland  Health is a department of the Government of Queensland, Australia that provides  a range of services aimed at achieving good health and well-being for all  Queenslanders. Through a network of 16 Health Service Districts and the Mater  Hospitals, Queensland Health delivers a range of integrated services including  hospital inpatient, outpatient and emergency  Continue Reading »

Video Products Distributors Leverages Panorama Necto to Shorten Decision Window

Video Products Distributors (VPD) is a Folsom, California-based company founded in 1980. The company currently operates various distribution warehouses throughout the country. It supplies DVDs, Blu-ray, video games, gaming systems, and related products and accessories to all industry channels and holds more than $20 million worth of inventory. Key customers include wholesalers such as Amazon.com,  Continue Reading »

Company: Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Poland

Needs and Requirements: One of the tasks of the Ministry is to support activities related to sport and tourism through the provision of financial grants. The grant may cover different areas of the office, such as creation of sports stadiums and sports halls, organizing sporting events, etc. Grantsare provided through various funding programs and are  Continue Reading »

Company: YES

Company Overview YES is the only company in Israel that broadcasts multi-channel satellite television to subscribers, and is the first company that provided digital and interactive television services. Since its inception, the company has recruited 578,000 customers who represent about 39% of the multi-channel television market in Israel. YES currently employs around 2400 people and  Continue Reading »

Company: Pilot Travel Centers

Pilot Travel Centers Adds $1.8 Million to the Bottom Line Using Panorama for Automated Analysis and Reporting Company Profile For Pilot’s store managers, a large  percentage of every Friday was dedicated to reviewing volumes of paper reports.  It was time consuming and complicated to identify sales performance issues,  which resulted in many being overlooked. The  Continue Reading »

Company: Jelly Belly Candy Company

Company Profile Founded in  1869, Jelly Belly Candy Company is a manufacturer of jelly beans and other  confections. Jelly Belly produces the leading gourmet jelly beans in the world  as well as other treats such as candy corn and Gummi Bears. Jelly Belly  products are sold in 35 countries around the world and in 2003,  Continue Reading »

Company: Baltika Breweries

Company Overview Baltika Breweries has been in production  since 1990 with headquarters in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since then, Baltika has  become the leader of the Russian beer market, the second largest brewery in  Europe, with revenues of more than 2 billion Euros, and conducting business  with more than 60 countries across the globe. Currently, Baltika  Continue Reading »

Company: Geocartography Knowledge Group

Geocartography changes the rules of the game in the world of organizational business intelligence, thanks to the development of an innovative BI solution on Panorama platforms Company Overview Geocartography Knowledge Group, one of the leading research institutions in Israel, has been offering scientific and professional expertise in the following range of divisions and departments for  Continue Reading »