Delivering Business Intelligence Solutions for Telecom

Business intelligence solutions for telecom are an easy way to sift through the huge amount of data they collect every month to gain actionable insights. With Panoramas Necto Telecom, that solution has arrived. Analyse how and when your customers use their mobile phones. Update your network equipment to function more efficiently, thanks to the insights […]

The Application of Data Analytics in the Telecom Industry

The application of data analytics in the telecom industry must meet the specific needs of a telecom company. A one size fits all approach to data analytics cannot work when an industry is so specialized. A data analytics system for a telecom company must be capable of being personalized for each users unique tasks. Telecom […]

The Role of Data Analytics in the Telecom Industry

Because a telecom company has to keep up with new breakthroughs in technology, stay ahead in one of the worlds most competitive industries, and adhere to a slew of regulations, the role of data analytics in telecom is to provide companies with the easiest way to uncover insights from all their data. Using a telecom […]

A Successful Telecom Business Intelligence Case Study

A telecom business intelligence case study worth noting is that of YES, Israels only company that provides multi-channel television programming to its subscribers. The first company in the nation to provide interactive and digital TV service, YES has almost 40 percent of the Israeli multi-channel television market. With 150 video channels including pay-per-view, the company […]

Data Analytics in the Telecom Industry Helps Marketers Rebrand

Data analytics in the telecom industry isnt just for the number-crunchers. The marketing department, too, can use the insights gained through analytics to recreate the companys brand. A new face, a new look new way to do businesswont fly without effective marketing. Creatives in Marketing Need User-Friendly Analytics Yet which new face should a telecom […]

The Importance of KPI Measurements in the Telecom Industry

In the telecom industry, so much rests on data. Whether its keeping an eye on the competition or scrambling to comply with new regulations, you need recent key performance indicators (KPIs) to keep your company at the top of the heap. The latest KPI measurement in the telecom sector, therefore, is an important element in […]

MWC Insights: Become a Digital Transformation Catalyst

This year Panorama launched its new division Necto Telecom at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and presented important insights about the future of the Telecom industry and its digital transformation. The future of telecom is going to change dramatically over the next couple of years. Some changes have already begun. The industry is already […]

5 Key Takeaways from the MWC

We had the honor to present our new division, Necto Telecom, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. More than 100,000 professionals from all over the world attended the MWC. The congress is a place to see how technology and telecommunications are addressing the digital transformation of the world: from new apps and […]

Digital Transformation Are We There Yet?

Highlights from TM Forum @ Nice May 14-16, 2018 The main buzzword of this years TM forum was digital transformation, but are the world leading communication companies there yet? Are they ready to embrace the change? And what are the key pillars to drive a successful outcome? CTOs discussed the alignment needed between IT and […]

The future of telecoms was designed in Berlin

Last week Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX) hosted their annual partners event in Berlin. The main theme was Design the Future  Together. This agenda paves the way to Amdocs next APAC summit in Singapore with the  theme of Building the digital society.What does the future hold for the telecom industry? How can Amdocs’ partners help design that […]