Unveiling The Magnet

Panorama Unveils the First Insight Recommendation Engine at Digital Transformation World Panorama is disrupting the $4B telecom analytics market with their productized telecom analytics solutions and will unveil a new AI technology called The Magnet, the world’s first insight recommendation engine, as part of TM Forum’s Innovation Trail during Digital Transformation World in Nice. Panorama […]

In B2B, It All Comes Down to Data

businesswoman holding a smart phone and various business information.

Today, terms like 5G, AI, and IoT float around as potent elixirs to fuel business growth and technological advancement. But when we drill down to these individual elements, what do we find? Data. 5G promises to bring high-powered network connections to us at unprecedented speeds. AI gives computers the ability to learn, understand, and scale processing. IoT highlights the […]

Churn Works for Ice Cream, Not Telecom—Here’s How to Beat It


The digital revolution has reached telecom companies—and it shows no sign of stopping. Telecom players increasingly face threats from digital natives like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, as they shift toward a focus on service and, beyond this, going after B2C and B2B markets alike. As telecom companies encounter increasing competition from companies not traditionally involved in the […]

Rocking the Telecom world in Barcelona, Day and Night

‘These are the nights that never die’ – View on Amdocs – Panorama partnership in MWC, February 25-28, 2019, Barcelona. As the fabulous song by Avicii says, it is indeed “the nights you will remember”; but the days of MWC were full of interesting things as well. This year MWC featured the coolest innovations from […]

A Peak into the New Digital World in MWC

Many new, innovative and exciting products were launched at this year’s MWC in Barcelona. We saw incredible new developments looking forward to 2020, such as Huawei’s Mate X, which stole the show from Samsung’s new folding Galaxy. But the main buzzwords that we heard were 5G, AI and IoT. These technologies will be the enablers […]