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Panorama is Awarded Best Innovation Partner by Amdocs

Last week Panorama received the “Best Innovation Partner for 2017” award by Amdocs. We were honored to receive the award at the Amdocs Global Partner Conference in Miami last week, where we presented our state of the art BI software as part of the Amdocs Optima offering. In addition, attendees watched a video discussing our successful partnership with the ATT Foundry. This award is an honor to us, as it represents our innovation from a product and technology perspective, and our deep engagement and commitment with Amdocs. We are very proud of this partnership and hope to continue working together towards mutual success and innovation.amdocs award conference Continue reading

Achieving the Highest Security in Your BI System

Working with a Business Intelligence system provides enterprises with countless benefits, but it can also present some security risks if data is not handled correctly. BI drives a company’s strategy, but it can also expose it to risk. There are many people that want a company’s data: competitors, investors (not current, but those seeking investments), customers, vendors, and more. A company’s data exposes its weaknesses and faults, and its business. It does not mean that the previously mentioned people are after a company’s data and will try to steal it. But there are people out there that steal data on a regular basis, from many companies, and then put it on the marketplace and offer it to the people interested in it, like competitors. It is important to be aware that the BI environment is not free of thieves trying to steal data and exposing organizations.

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How is Centralized BI Benefiting the Finance Industry?

The use of Business Intelligence and smart data analytics has become a common practice. Financial organizations use Business Intelligence tools to create competitive advantages by driving profits and reducing risks. The financial world is in constant change and managers need alerts and notifications when data changes in their transaction systems. They need to be able to access data and keep track of any anomalies that may occur. All managers and users need to see the same version of the truth. Off course, each user will only see what he is allowed to see according to previously set data access credentials.

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BI Everywhere! Introducing Mobile BI Into Your Strategy

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Mobile BI. Over the past years we have seen a migration towards mobile in almost every aspect of our lives. Business Intelligence is not the exception to this shift. Nowadays we don’t just communicate through our mobile devices, we pretty much run our lives with them. Most of us check our emails on our mobiles, we do quick banking transactions, schedule appointments, even do grocery shopping online from our smartphones. Just as everyday activities shifted to mobile, so did our businesses.

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Necto and Amdocs Rock the Mobile World Congress

Last week we had the pleasure to present Necto at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. More than 100,000 professionals from all over the world attended the congress. Visitors explored the most cutting-edge mobile enabled products and technologies. Amdocs featured Necto as the analytics platform for its product Optima.

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Panorama Software Receives BDO Award as #1 in BI

Panorama Software received this week an award given by BDO and People and Computers, after surveying hundreds of CIOs and CTOs. Panorama won #1 in the Business Intelligence category for overall customer satisfaction, product stability, integrity, ease of use, and UI/UX, beating other BI vendors such as Tableau, Qlik, SAP, Microsoft, and more.

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Can Your Data Make It Through Border Control Intact?

     Brace yourselves. Customs and Border Patrol agents can detain you, ask you to unlock your phone or any other electronic device and leave with it to download all your data and do a thorough search on it before giving it back to you. Yes, it is a shock, considering they can do it without a warrant. Quincy Larson just wrote an article about this, which shocked us, but made us value the way we do things. Let me elaborate.

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Innovation and Insights from Our Crowd’s Global Summit

     Last week we had the pleasure to attend the largest innovation event in Israel, Our Crowd’s Global Investor Summit. More than 5,000 people attended to meet the cutting-edge companies that are developing technologies that are changing the world. Panorama is proud to be among them. Innovation is part of Panorama’s DNA. That is why we constantly drive disruption and innovation in the Business Intelligence and Smart Data market.

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Business Intelligence Glossary for Dummies

     Most companies understand that data analysis is key for their business processes. But not everyone is familiar with all the terms used in Business Intelligence jargon. And this can make you feel clueless when starting to search for BI solutions. That’s why we created this basic BI glossary. It is in alphabetical order, and if there is something we missed that you would like to know, write us a question in our chat box! We’ll be happy to add it to the glossary.

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