The 20 Most Influential Business Intelligence Blogs

The latest news. The greatest insights. The absolute best data available. Business intelligence.

These are the things you need to make the right business decisions at the right time. But where do you turn to get trusted, actionable intelligence?

If you’re like many business leaders, you have a team that gathers, analyzes and disseminates data. But you might need more.

Luckily, there’s an abundance of actionable information that’s only a click away. Here’s a look at the 20 most influential business intelligence blogs that you and your team need to be reading:

1. TDWI: Business Intelligence Portal
The Data Warehousing Institute has been making data professionals smarter for more than 20 years. Now, they’re making many of the most prescient aggregated insights on business intelligence available to you. For free. On their blog.

There, you’ll find research reports, checklists and information about educational opportunities and other resources.

2. Meta Analysis
This blog goes beyond the cold, hard facts to provide business intelligence information from a different angle.

On it, you’ll find posts on the importance of storytelling as a skill every data analyst needs to have, how and why to analyze text and when less data can actually provide more actionable information, among many others.

3. AllformZ BI Blog
If you’re looking for free online opportunities to educate your team about business intelligence, this is the blog for you. It features a plethora of links to open online courses as well as resources that supplement the courses. You’ll also find a great list of the best books on business intelligence.

4. In(tegrate) the Clouds
Today’s technology is all about the cloud, so it’s nice to have a blog that focuses almost exclusively on business intelligence within the cloud. In(tegrate) the Clouds is a blog run by an employee of SnapLogic, and it’s all about integration as an on-demand service.

5. TechnoSocial Blog
If you’re looking for a fast and efficient way to stay on top of the latest news related to business intelligence, look no further than the TechnoSocial Blog. It’s written by Rajasekar Nonburaj, who is a consultant for SAP but also the well-respected founder of the Business Intelligence Professionals LinkedIn network.

Here, he links to the latest articles on business intelligence so you don’t have to waste time searching for them yourself. If time is money, this blog is well worth its subscription price – which is free.

6. Smart Data Collective
This blog focuses on data and analytics, but it has an impressive section dedicated entirely to business intelligence topics as well. On it, you’ll find stories on everything from big data analytics in Latin America to five essential features for your information intelligence solutions to a whole lot more.


By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll be better equipped to make decisions using your newfound business intelligence.

7. BI Analysis
Choosing a business intelligence vendor can be a daunting decision. The BI Analysis blog, which is curated by Diego Arenas, offers an array of reviews of several platforms and vendors. It is written in Spanish, but the posts are easy to translate into English using GoogleTranslate.

8. Bruno Aziza and The Tribulations of an Analytical Mind
Business intelligence is big business. And who better to learn from than someone who used to be a business intelligence analyst for Microsoft Corp.?

This blog is written by Bruno Aziza, who knows how some of the biggest and best companies leverage business intelligence to make big-time decisions. You’ll find his personal insights as well as commentary about the businesses he profiles. Best of all, it’s published on the Forbes website, so you know you’re getting accurate, actionable information.

9. B-Eye Network Channel: BI & Integration
BI Research is one of the country’s leading business intelligence research and consulting firms, and its president, Colin White, shares his insight on this worth-the-read blog. It’s full of case studies, whitepapers and other practical information for anyone who wants to know more about best practices in business intelligence.

10. Business Intelligence
At first glance, this blog seems as simple and straightforward as its name. But a closer review will reveal a plethora of forward-thinking posts written by Howard Dress, who is widely considered to be the “father of business intelligence” after working to bring the industry into the consciousness of business leaders back in the 1980s.

11. Key 2 Consulting
At the beginning and at the end of every day, business intelligence comes down to your ability to leverage the power of technology. The Key 2 Consulting blog digs deep into the technology aspect of the business.

It’s written by Tiffany Heffner, a well-connected business intelligence resource manager who attends and writes about all the major conferences, reviews products, and provides helpful tips.

12. BeyeNETWORK Blog
As with any big business, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around on the Internet about business intelligence. This blog, which is written by Barney Finucane, tries to cut through the hype and clarify popular misconceptions.

13. Business Intelligence Products and Trends
If one well-written, well-researched blog is good, two must be better, right? In addition to the BeyeNETWORK Blog, Barney Finucane also runs the Business Intelligence Products and Trends blog. As the name suggests, you’ll find a lot of good information about which products will best meet your needs and which trends will stand the test of time.

14. The Data Doghouse
Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out exactly which conferences and events are best suited to deliver the data you need to improve your business intelligence activities.


This blog, which is written by author and professor Rick Sherman, provides great overviews of many of the upcoming conferences, allowing you to make more educated decisions about which ones to attend. As an added bonus, you’ll also get smart advice about data warehousing, which is this professor’s specific area of expertise.

15. Ms. SQL Girl
If you’re looking to get specific about issues related to the tools you need to get the right data at the right time – Power BI and BISQL platform, for example – this is the blog for you. It’s written by an expert in the area, Julie Koesmarno, who knows almost everything there is to know about Microsoft platforms.

16. James Kobelius’ Blog
If you’re going to name a blog after yourself, you’d better have the credentials to back it up. Thankfully, James Kobelius does. He’s an industry veteran who leads IBM’s thought leadership activities in the areas of big data, data science and enterprise data warehousing. Here, he shares plenty of wisdom and real-world experience on the blog that bears his name.

17. Ventana Research: Perspectives by David Menniger
It’s not every day you get to hear directly from a high-ranking official at one of the top business intelligence research firms in the country – unless you read David Menniger’s blog, of course.

Menniger is a senior vice president and research director at Ventana Research, which helps businesses buy better technology. On this site, he shares in-depth industry insights and his vision for the future of the business, allowing you to learn from a proven thought-leader.

18. BI Scorecard
If you aren’t entirely sure what to make of all the news and commentary coming out of the business intelligence industry, you should take a look at BI Scorecard, where well-respected product reviewer and industry analyst Cindi Howson provides reviews and commentary on the latest industry news.

19. Business Analytics News
This blog is written by Marcus Borba, a business analytics expert with Spark Strategic Business Solution. Borba, who has a wealth of experience working with the technology behind business intelligence, provides complex analysis about the latest trends in the industry.

Further, the topics covered here frequently touch on out-of-the-ordinary issues, such as using big data during disaster responses, big data and healthcare, and how cities such as Chicago are using big data to improve the lives of the people who live, work and visit.

20. Upstream Info
For a fun and entertaining read about all things related to business intelligence, you can’t beat the Upstream Info blog. It’s a freewheeling exercise in education written by Augusto Albeghi, the founder of the Straysoft, who shares industry insight and analysis that comes straight from the heart. It’s engaging, entertaining and yet still manages to be actionable.
Get the best information possible
As a business leader, you need the best information possible to make the decisions that will allow your business to grow and succeed. These blogs will get you started. But they’re just that – a start.

True mastery of business intelligence requires an educated, motivated workforce, an organization that embraces big data and the tools needed to pull it all together. Focus on putting each of these elements into place, and the knowledge you glean from the blogs above will help you build a solid track record of business intelligence success.

Got another blog to add to this list? Share it by leaving a comment below:

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