4 ways Necto 14 can make business intelligence more accessible

Business analytics has the potential to help companies effectively implement policy and operational changes as well as develop strategies to make improvements in various departments. Panorama recently introduced its latest business intelligence software, Necto 14, which puts the power of BI into the hands of every employee. The user experience makes it easy for employees to manipulate and understand how various data sets affect their departments and company as a whole.

1. Data discovery
Working with raw data can be very complex for those who are not data analytics experts, but the intuitive Necto 14 software makes it easier to select and manipulate data sets. It can provide suggestions concerning which information would be useful for a particular project, allowing individuals and teams to get more in-depth results. They can also run different scenarios to get an idea of how strategies and changes will impact the company.

2. Data visualisation and live infographics
When you can organize and present data analytics in an easy-to-understand format, it can be much easier to highlight the importance of your findings. Necto 14 makes creating infographics easy. The software has a library of images that can be used to demonstrate the value of the information. While charts and graphs can do the same, the infographic presentation is much more user-friendly and requires less work on the part of those learning about the information. Perhaps the most useful aspect of this tool it the fact that the infographics are not just static images. You can start with the main points and make each icon clickable, leading to more in-depth information also displayed in an infographic format.

3. Collaborative BI
For many, working together with others can help draw out the best ideas and solutions. Whether a company's employees are widespread or members of a group project are all busy, the Necto 14 platform makes it easy for a team to work separately on the same project. People can make changes and leave notes for one another, eliminating the need to coordinate busy schedules and find times when everyone can meet at once. This flexibility allows for collaborative efforts without restricting or otherwise impacting each individual's regular workload.

4. Presentation
Data analytics projects can be useful to nearly any department, whether a company is looking to improve inventory management or develop better employee policies. When a person or team has spent a lot of time working with specific data sets, they may have a full understanding of the information, while newcomers can easily get lost with graphs and charts. Thanks to Necto 14's data visualisation tools, including data analytics in a presentation is straightforward and easy to do for any employee.

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