A BI Solution that Rocks

As a New Yorker, I was especially effected by the loss of two great artists over the last few years. First Lou Reed and more recently, David Bowie. Both Rock icons of my misspent youth. As soon as the news hit, New York City residents started a vigil outside Bowie’s apartment. On one of the many bouquets of flowers and notes, a sign read, “First Lou Reed, now David Bowie. That’s really it for New York. It’s over.” (sigh)

A cold January found many of my generation across the globe drinking dedications to the lost rock and roll legend. People danced in pubs and bars to many of the Thin White Duke’s hits. Jean Genie, Heroes, The Man Who Sold the World, Young Americans, Let’s Dance and tunes from his latest burst of creativity, Blackstar.

What separated the two artists was simple, Reed was a conspicuous figure in New York City. Bowie was a recluse who kept his life secret. What they had in common was that they were both Old School; Individuals who created their own brand of music and who made themselves into something that transcended their music. They possessed an uncompromising work ethic combined with a dedication to detail and their unique vision. Nowadays, too many artists are all about satisfying corporate interests, using and abusing their audience as cookie cutter acts climb the ladder of success. No one says ‘no’ anymore. No one can take the road less traveled. This, however, is exactly what old school does.

A pencil and paper versus the computer. A multi-folded paper map instead of a GPS. Even a thing called, wait a minute it will come to me, ah yes, a book instead of an iPad or Kindle. These old school materials represent dependency and reliability.

When looking for a Business Intelligence application you require that old school dependency and reliability. What good is information that is collected and categorized if it cannot be accessed quickly when it is most needed. Unfortunately, in today’s competitive business environment you need a bit more than a paper and pen to track the innumerable variables that go into useful BI solution. A boardroom table isn’t always the most efficient way to convene the movers and shakers of your company. You need a collaborative solution that will allow instantaneous insights and feedback from a globally dispersed group.

Today’s BI environment is fast paced and competitive. You can’t let little things like time and geography stand in the way of useful information. A successful BI solution can be accessed anytime from anywhere and is both suggestive and collaborative. A solution that automatically suggests to business users where insights can be found, while presenting that information in visual, clearly understandable terms. This is the new old school when it comes to collaborative BI solutions. Community. Connecting with colleagues to enable a business to grow through the use of shared information and knowledge. Consensus and final decisions are achieved by pulling the relevant people into every level of the decision-making process.
Living a Bowie-like existence may be artistically intriguing. But when it comes to BI and information that needs to be shared across a business network, it is better to use the Lou Reed method of existence. Make your information accessible. Allow the input of relevant people so your critical business issues can be resolved in the most creative and informed manner possible. Why settle for an ‘easy listening’ solution when you need a BI solution that Rocks!!

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