Advanced BI deployments now used for customer relationship management

Organizations that have long utilized business intelligence technology and have built advanced deployments are no longer confining it to enterprise end-users, according to the chief technology officer of a data warehousing and analytics solutions vendor.

Speaking with Computing during the recent Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2011, industry expert Stephen Brobst said companies are now using advanced business intelligence platforms to improve relations with customers. The trend, Brobst said, is driven by mobile device use among consumers.

“This area is likely to explode,” he said of utilizing analytics for CRM. “Consumers tend to be more sophisticated than enterprises in the use of mobile devices.”

He gave the example of the use of mobile banking among consumers. Through mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, retail banking consumers can access data in the organization’s data warehouse to make more informed decisions with their money.

While it may be some time until this trend catches on, several other within business intelligence are expected to accelerate this year. Several recent reports, including one recently released by Gartner, point to the increased use of social business intelligence solutions. The Gartner study predicted social business intelligence adoption will account for 15 percent of all BI deployments by 2013.

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