Advanced health care cases show value of visualization

Business intelligence has become an integral part of a number of industries and fields. Even organizations without much previous investment in IT can benefit handsomely from transforming their performance with the use of analytics. Observing how far BI has come in heavily regulated fields such as health care and finance can serve as a useful barometer of these programs' power and effectiveness, including when dealing with sensitive or difficult data. Even companies in very straightforward lines of business can take some inspiration from health care BI. After all, these are the processes that users turn to when dealing with hugely valuable data in life-or-death situations.

BI in extreme circumstances
Health care programs incorporating a huge amount of analytics data are becoming popular as the technology catches up to users' ambition. According to a recent Health IT Analytics report, visualizing information is important for these programs. This means presenting detailed and attractive graphics that are easy to use rather than deploying solutions that are only comprehensible by highly-trained IT experts. These interfaces have already reached some highly technical and in-depth medical research, according to the source. For instance, an ontology program created at the University of Maryland has applied data visualization to genetic data, highly complex and powerful medical information.

The idea of visual representations of BI information is to unlock the secrets that may stay invisible if data is only a dry stream of numbers. This, Health IT Analytics reported, is the role it could fulfill in many health care contexts. The news provider pointed to the use of electronic health records which, once placed into an analytics context, could show physicians if a particular treatment has caused negative reactions across a whole population. These facts could become visible through graphs and charts rather than raw numbers, helping doctors act quickly and ideally institute changes to save lives.

Learning to select the right technology
There are many different BI solutions available for business use. However, their feature sets can diverge drastically. If IT leaders want to ensure that they get the features they crave, visualization among them, they will have to select carefully. This is where Necto 14 comes in. This tool is based on taking a huge quantity of information form a variety of sources and placing it into relevant and resonant visual forms that can appeal to a huge variety of employee roles. From the boardroom to the IT department to marketing and beyond, personnel can examine valuable internal and external content.

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