Analytics is evolving (and everywhere)

Changing up an analytics strategy can happen for one of a few reasons. Either companies realize that they don't have the right business intelligence processes to suit their own needs or, even more serious, they are behind the time and unprepared. In the latter case, it's especially important to take action immediately. Analytics processes are transitioning from a possible addition to corporate strategy to an absolute necessity, and they are making the journey quickly. Dealing with this evolution requires quick thinking by IT purchasers. Act too slowly and competitors may already be too dominant to unseat, equipped with their own systems.

Yesterday and today
The VAR Guy recently reflected on the rapid changes that have come to BI in the past few years, noting that processes a mere 15 years ago were completely different from the suites deployed today. Among the several major shifts that have occurred in that time are functional advancements and improved distribution methods that have seen BI catch on with firms that never would have had access to their data. The source explained that organizations can afford BI even if they are not massive, enterprise-scale operations. This trend is at least partially due to the rise of cloud BI, solutions that can change size to fit the needs of the buyer.

Deploying business software was once an ordeal, with massive physical servers set aside to deal with the new solutions' demands. Sometimes this hardware didn't provide enough power and more was required. Other times it gave too much, meaning money was wasted. The VAR Guy suggested that with the cloud, it is now a comparatively short process to go from BI window shopper to entrenched user. This could do away with some timid attitudes in boardrooms around the world. Wondering if BI is worth it becomes a lot easier when the solutions will be ready to go in a hurry.

Using Necto to deliver cloud excellence
Panorama Necto 14 harnesses the ease-of-use features that have set this generation of BI apart from the past. The solution is completely located online, meaning users can simply access their software from anywhere. This is a far cry from the awkward installation and access procedures that defined all corporate software for years. Dealing with the same application and identical data across the enterprise has other benefits in addition to the ease of deployment and use, too. With this connected ecosystem, users can become part of a team and contribute to joint conclusions, regardless of location.

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