Analytics skills combine business and tech

Becoming a business intelligence leader is a very common goal among today's organizations. Companies want to ensure that their information is going to a defined purpose instead of simply existing and taking up space. Business intelligence solutions have evolved apace, allowing the use of big data resources, which are unstructured and enormous compared to the databases that have traditionally fueled insights. However, simply selecting a powerful algorithm isn't the only step to making these programs into successes. Leaders also need to ensure they have put their faith in the right workers. Teams are becoming defined by a mixture of advanced skills.

The ideal professional
A recent TechTarget piece laid out the challenges facing organizations today and the personnel skills that can be put to use solving them. Consultant Dean Abbot told the source that it's important to design models that actually have something to do with the problems that are present in the business environment. If an organization ignores this directive and keeps its strategic and analytics units separate, it may be spinning the wheels of the BI program but never find a single answer to a question the company is actually facing in the moment. Its processes will be technically impressive but essentially meaningless.

How can organizations solve this problem? This is where the optimal BI users come into play, with a set of abilities that runs the gamut from crunching huge numbers to understanding the overall goals of the business. Informatics expert Mark Pitts told TechTarget that corporate leaders must work to demolish the traditional structure which holds that BI departments are their own section, closed off from the strategist and soft skills specialists. He stated that at his own employer, there are connections between the personnel. Analysts don't work in a bubble, and they know their processes will be useful in a wider context.

Powerful software
Once a company picks a management approach, it's time to decide what solutions will be part of the environment. If that list includes Necto 14, professionals can ensure that there will be access to a huge variety of resources and presentation features that make the results of analysis available in terms that make sense from the marketing department to IT to the boardroom and beyond. The many uses of this product include on-the-go support for professionals such as salespeople who work from their smartphones and tablets instead of reporting in to a fixed location. Such a process can revolutionize business analytics.

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