Analytics solutions’ new role: Asking ‘Why?’

There have been several limitations historically imposed upon analytics and business intelligence programs. These solutions were used to ask relatively straightforward questions of structured information gathered and curated for that purpose. Now, however, the game has changed. This is because of big data usage, a concept that has expanded what BI is capable of. Organizations are no longer settling for using their small information to unlock a few answers. They are gathering and using content flowing through their systems that would have been considered too fast, large or esoteric even a few years ago. It's a revolution with consequences for how leaders make choices in the years ahead.

Stepping into a new role
According to Midsize Insider, the big data revolution has added predicting the future to companies' analytics tool kits. The source stated that there have been rumblings of this kind of analysis for years, but that it has taken a back seat until now. The idea has become a compelling one for leaders, however, and like most IT developments, companies are quick to react to what their competitors are doing and throw their own efforts behind similar processes, all for fear of being left behind. The news provider explained that the new trick for BI is asking "why" things occur, not just putting together concrete details of the present situation.

Midsize Insider pointed out that there are many ways in which firms can manage their newfound knowledge and turn it into value. Mainly this involves making better decisions due to insider knowledge of how the next steps will play out. Better information now means less risk of walking into sub-optimal business scenarios down the road. Everything has effectively been road-tested before it takes place, meaning money is conserved and lengthy missteps are circumvented. Even an unexpected upcoming development could appear in the results from a big data-enhanced BI system, painting a unique way forward.

Selecting appropriate BI solutions
Organizations searching for products that combine helpful BI functionality with the ability to parse their big data reserves could end up relying on solutions such as Necto 14. Leaders will have to begin stacking up the feature sets of these offerings soon if they want to get a head start on the competition as BI is a big topic of conversation in the market now and promises to remain so for the foreseeable future. The idea that knowledge can empower firms, no matter their industry, is a compelling one, and one that remains enticing for many organizations.

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