Benefits of business intelligence in marketing

Business intelligence can provide valuable insight into a company’s operations, and using a BI solution to gather information about the marketing department of your online business could prove lucrative. Small Business Trends reported that business intelligence can provide useful information to refine and target advertising and other marketing strategies on virtually any platform, whether in print, on TV or over the Internet. With such far-reaching capabilities, integrating BI into marketing campaigns may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few ways business intelligence can lend itself to your marketing department:

Look at the right data
Business intelligence software can help you look at nearly any facet of your business. With so much information at your disposal, it may be a challenge to determine which metrics are the most important for your marketing department. The Huffington Post suggested starting with the basics – the number of site visitors, how long they spend browsing the site and which pages they viewed. You can also look at how people are arriving at your site, whether they found it through an organic search, a social media channel or other avenues. All of these insights can help you find strengths and weaknesses that may shape new initiatives and lead to improvements in site conversions and an uptick in sales.

Analyze customers and their behavior
Marketing data can provide a clear picture of your customers, making it easier to tailor your online services. For instance, if the majority of your site traffic is coming from landing pages and blog posts, you can concentrate your efforts on those aspects, while spending less time on another part of your site experience that isn’t seeing as much activity. This information can also be used to drive your content. Analyzing the popularity of blog posts can help clue you in to which topics are more engaging, so you can refine your content strategies to improve site visits and conversions.

Track progress of external strategies
Social media offers an easy and effective way for companies to reach their audience, and business intelligence can improve the return on investment. The Huffington Post suggested tracking data such as Facebook likes and Twitter retweets to get a better understanding of how effective different posts are. For instance, if a beauty retailer is sharing photos of celebrities without makeup on, and they’re not garnering much attention, the business may want to figure out a different option to engage customers.

Panorama’s Necto 14 can prove useful for retailers, as it allows them to pull in and analyze real-time data for up-to-date analytics. This can help the marketing department more easily manage its various strategies for better ROI.

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