BI being purchased through SaaS model

There are many advantages to purchasing new applications through the cloud rather than deploying them on-premise. Hosted applications can be billed as operational expenses rather than capital expenses, and add value without becoming a massive one-time line item. Companies that want business intelligence functionality immediately can add cloud BI to their offerings and watch things improve. No software installation means the lengthy adoption process is condensed, and the hosted nature of the programs dictates that patches and updates are automatic and require no input from the using firm. As the pressure mounts for more types of businesses to use analytics, the cloud will make that goal more reachable than ever before.

Survey points to adoption
According to Information Management, Dresner Advisory Services' latest cloud-centric business intelligence survey has found that adoption of hosted business intelligence is up. The news provider stated that many of the observed cloud BI deployments are not massive, corporation-wide projects. Instead, companies are giving hosted BI projects to teams with specific goals. In other cases, small firms that may not have had any BI before are making use of the low-overhead SaaS options. In each of these cases, cloud BI is broadening the scope of analytics rather than replacing a previous type of technology.

Information Management noted that the Dresner survey found a correlation between plentiful BI use within companies and the success of those programs. This means that organizations using analytics tools in more departments are seeing better results. The source also pointed out the recent trend of business intelligence use in the HR department. The 2012 edition of the Dresner survey found companies expressing little need for such deployments, but the tables have now turned, with HR professionals the most eager of all business departments to use BI.

Cloud suits other trends
The cloud is a powerful infrastructure trend in modern business, at least in part because of how well it works with other approaches like enterprise mobility and self-service application deployment. With access to software through the cloud, IT leaders can spread the functionality to a massive cross-section of employees, even when they are not working in the physical office. In this way, the cloud is yet another step on the road to agility. Becoming more efficient through IT is one of the chief goals of today's companies, meaning they can gain significantly from the use of new software in the cloud. This can include BI.

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