BI should balance speed and insight

Working with business intelligence, as with any vital piece of enterprise IT, involves balancing several factors to ensure an ideal implementation. Today's leaders may be overly swayed by the many sources of hype and promotion that exist in the industry, but it's always important to select a powerful solution that suits the company, rather than one that makes empty promises. The market is thriving and business analytics processes are everywhere, but that doesn't mean that every option is a perfect fit. It's time for enterprise leaders to seize the day and make the powerful lineup of possible solutions work for them.

Remember the important details
A recent Independent Online piece by contributor and IT industry manager Ryan Naude explained the choices decision-makers have to make when they are deciding which direction to take corporate BI. He suggested that the desire to seize quick return on investment may be shortsighted. This implies that the most important factor is seeking out immediate profits, while the proper use of analytics may run deeper. Naude explained that placing a quick solution directly onto a source of business data may be effective in some cases, but for companies that need to perform advanced quality control or integration processes on data, it's important to use standard BI.

In addition to elucidating the process of implementing analytics, Naude explained why many organizations choose to go through with such plans in the first place. This is an important and sometimes overlooked part of BI strategy. Leaders simply know that implementing the systems is important and neglect to wonder exactly what they are going to accomplish. Naude gave a positive example of an analytics program result: determining the relative value of various customers. Not every client delivers the same profits to a business, and the best BI systems will be able to collate many factors and deliver real insights about the consumer base.

Powerful IT options
Becoming a BI leader involves picking out a problem that needs solving and selecting the right tool for the job. In the latter category, companies today may gravitate toward Necto 14. This is a solution optimized for the big data age, meaning it can draw information from a variety of esoteric sources that could be closed to other programs. Leaders in search of high-level insights may find that outdated analytics processes come up short, unable to see beyond surface factors and deliver real portraits of clients, products or the industry. They may need improved BI software.

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