BI success relies on proper application

It's no question that despite their relatively brief history, business intelligence solutions have grown to occupy a massive presence within the worlds of business and technology. BI software is utilized by countless companies in dozens of sectors, as many business leaders now understand its full value and potential. However, some company executives can grasp the benefits of such tools but are not equipped to implement them in a way that is beneficial to their company, and others don't know how best to integrate them into day-to-day operations.

According to ComputerWeekly, recent research bears this point out. In a survey of 603 business intelligence users conducted by Forrester, few respondents claimed that their firms were very successful in a variety of different operational areas after adopting BI, and a surprisingly low number claimed to be successful at all. The most common advantage cited was the ability to make better business decisions, which 43 percent of firms claimed to be successful at once they'd adopted BI, while 11 percent said they were very successful. However, in terms of other vital processes named in the survey, such as ensuring compliance and reducing risks, only 26 percent claimed to be successful, with 7 percent calling themselves very successful.

This makes it clear that there's a gap between theory and execution with modern BI adoption and implementation. Forrester stated that one of the ways this can be remedied is to ensure that all necessary personnel in a business are involved with the adoption process. Executives cannot simply leave it up to IT staff and sit back – their involvement is essential to ensure the sort of understanding and cooperation that will help a self service BI adoption succeed. The research firm also recommends taking complete governance over the data that will be managed by a BI solution. Take stock of the internal and external sources that provide this data and outline clear procedures for its processing and management.

From an IT perspective, Gartner makes it clear in recent research that the proper application of BI software and the best use of analytics will be crucial to business success in the future. It also stated that if these solutions are not designed to perform well and remain applicable for the long haul while also being relatively simple to use, businesses will be discouraged from integrating it into their daily operations.

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