BI Trends: BI Analytics – Leave the digging to the archaeologists

Okay. So it’s 2015. “Back to the Future II” promised us flying cars, hoverboards and self-adjusting shoelaces. Actually, these technological miracles are all awfully close to reality. In 1989, Hollywood pegged these (and a few other) long term trends using current circumstances and a lot of imagination.

Imagination is an important part of seeing the future. But in the here and now, the best way for you to set realistic business goals and meet them is by collecting and analyzing as much data as possible from inside your organization and from the environment that it affects and that affects it. Basic BI.

Data collection has been a common business practice for at least 5,200 years when Sumerian traders started marking transactions in clay tablets. Archaeologist gain all sorts of insights about cultures through their historical business data. But what about your data? You shouldn’t have to hire archaeologists to dig through your business intelligence to see the future of your enterprise.

That’s what your BI analytics should be doing for you. It’s one thing to get all the numbers and some colorful charts. These are helpful tools. But when you need to get a fast, accurate picture that suggests what’s going on in your enterprise, whether it’s sales figures, quality trends, manufacturing efficiency or whatever, the best tools are, well, pictures and suggestions. So, why not use a BI solution that gives you these advantages?

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, than an infographic is worth 1,000 pictures – more or less.


While charts present information, infographics give you the means to quickly interpret, at a glance, the information that is relevant to your decision making process. I mean, let’s face it. Who has time to read lists and charts? Infographics can put your business intelligence into context so that you don’t have to hunt down the information that you need right now. When an infographic is dynamically updated and provides clickable drill-down into details, you’re not just getting a clear picture. You’re getting the most accurate, up-to-date picture. The kind of picture that can make or break important decisions (and careers).

Make one of your 2015 goals to implement a BI solution that does the archaeology for you. This year, start digging without getting your hands dirty.

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