BI wields untapped potential in manufacturing

There are only two types of industries when it comes to business intelligence: those that have already hopped aboard the bandwagon and those that could do so in the near future. The fact of the matter is, examining and using internal and external data as a source of corporate advantage is an extremely broad purview, and companies that can accomplish this process will be very well-positioned to succeed within their own fields, whatever those may be. Retail is an example of a vertical that has made a commitment to analytics and is reaping the benefits. Others are behind, but that simply means there is potential to grow.

The manufacturer transformation
Heavy industry and manufacturing can make use of BI but, according to Automation World's David Greenfield, surveys have shown organizations to be hesitant. These firms have displayed lower rates of BI use than would be expected based on its high media profile in the field. Greenfield presented the results of a recent study put out by ARC Advisory Group and the publication that contained the latest real and expected use of BI. He indicated that few organizations are currently broadcasting their use of BI in the manufacturing sphere, but those that are doing so already have big plans for the future.

According to Greenfield, visual access to data is poised to become a trend. This is in addition to mobile versions of BI software that can be accessed on the go. As Automation World reported, ARC Senior Analyst David White said that there will soon be a move into mobile, with certain types of professionals receiving an especially strong boost. This includes operational managers, whom White indicated are often traveling to inspect various elements of their companies in person. He hinted they can take tablet devices into meetings or carry these with them on the main floor and use BI through those avenues.

Powerful solutions await
Many of the IT products in the analytics space will apply seamlessly to new industries that open up, and some offer the advanced features professionals are looking for. Necto 14, for example, sports a mobile interface that lets users check on their updated dashboards from wherever they may be at the moment. It is also capable of making sense of the large and unsorted information stores that are becoming common within organizations. The big data movement is one of the most compelling forces within the BI sphere at the moment, and Necto lets users take their own approach to this concept.

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