Business intelligence a customer service boon for sports teams

Stories about analytics use in professional sports could reasonably be expected to tackle the "Moneyball" model – that is, winning on the field with better use of data. However, as TechTarget recently pointed out, some of these organizations are taking up the torch in business operations and using BI solutions to become more cognizant of, for example, what their customers want.

There is really nothing surprising about companies employing analytics for operations outside of their unique, defining elements. For instance, while hospitals can sometimes use big data to better treat their patients, they can just about always extract value from applying these systems to financial processing and customer outreach, elements common to all sorts of organizations.

Off the field
As MIT lecturer Ben Shields told the news source, BI can help sporting organizations wrangle their formidable back-office operations. When thought of as highly visible organizations with international name recognition and millions of dollars flowing in and out of their coffers, these clubs seem like obvious choices for the power conveyed by strong analytics software. Shields explained that managing the business side of things separately from on-field prowess is a relevant strategy because the seemingly obvious links between victories and popularity aren't always in evidence. He gave the example of baseball's Cubs, perennially outplayed but always popular.

Shields told TechTarget it may be best for teams to ease into making BI a common part of their decision-making processes. He recommended self-service BI processes that can give intelligent insights into the simple problems various employees have every day. One of the main selling points of self-service is that it turns all sorts of professionals into data users without the need to train them in high-level IT advancements. This may prove especially powerful within sports organizations where consumer relations positions make up such a large and vital portion of the operational staff.

The benefits of self-service
Selecting BI software that puts a heavy focus on self-service functionality can potentially transform businesses, whether they are sports teams or banking conglomerates. Products such as Necto 14 are not only designed to work with a variety of employee roles, they are also outfitted with many different types of innovative features that ensure the knowledge gleaned is more than just surface-deep. This means mobile functionality, big data access and more. BI is always evolving, and fortunately there's no need to put aside these advances for firms to get their hands on helpful self-service functionality. They can select modern processes and get the full spectrum of benefits.

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