Business intelligence and mobility, together at last

Today's technology trends are growing into one cohesive unit. The office of tomorrow will be emboldened by a combination of cloud technology, big data access, mobility, self-service technology and highly evolved forms of business intelligence. These trends support one another and, when taken together, will provide a solid foundation for effective enterprises. Companies that refuse to change with the times run a very real risk of being left behind by their more capable peers. To stop this happening, it's time to both embrace new tech paradigms as they develop and and combine them until they work in tandem and provide real benefits.

Mobile tech combines with business intelligence
Becoming a BI expert once involved a few inflexible solutions that were only accessible through an on-premise locations, demanded expensive computing power and worked with a limited range of structured data. Today's tools are shedding all of those limitations. Tech Republic contributor Will Kelly recently explained the state of the mobile BI market by speaking with a few officials from the field, and noted that there were once "technology gaps" keeping mobility and BI apart. These divisions are now closing, with BI developers building in ambition and hardware growing more powerful. Soon, mobile and BI will be natural partners.

One of the experts polled by Kelly, Ran Van Riper, explained that today's tools present interfaces that can connect users to information more effectively than previously. While there were once severe limitations around who could use and comprehend BI, with user-friendliness not figuring into the formula, the balance has shifted. Now, information is highly visible and comprehensible, even if the screens displaying it are smaller than users have become accustomed to. Kelly suggested that eventually, delivering results of BI programs through mobile portals will be a natural extension of their capabilities. When that happens, he stated, old-fashioned reporting will end.

Selecting powerful technology
Fortunately for organizations that want to make the transition to the new way of doing business now rather than a few years down the road, applications have already emerged to deliver a synthesis of powerful and advanced features. For example, Necto 14 is accessible through a variety of mobile devices and delivers results assembled from a huge number of sources, including both structured information and the big data that just about every organization has stored in its various departments or external locations. Dealing with trends in BI means choosing the right solutions, as weak technology has no place in departments hoping for process improvements.

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