Business intelligence can unite IT with other teams

Information technology sections within companies will soon have to come together with the business units and other vital functions. Advanced digital systems have become too indispensable to companies' core missions, meaning the clearest way forward is through a meaningful business-technology alliance. Businesses could spend the next few months or years finding ways to bring its various parts into synchronization. According to a recent TechTarget report, business intelligence (BI) can help.

Different sections come together
According to the source, IT and business departments are rarely on the same page these days. While business sections are often beholden to heavily codified rules and regulations, developed over the course of many years, IT departments are looser. IT has a shorter history than the other parts of a functional company and is devoted to making the others function better. While business initiatives are carefully planned and often deliver clear return on investment, things are less certain in IT.

The development of BI programs differs from nearly all other IT initiatives and, according to TechTarget, these developments could finally bring the very different business and tech departments into alignment. The source noted that long-term BI deployments need a value case related to the company's long-term fiscal goals rather than internal metrics. Working with numbers and goals generated by the business operatives and technology maintained by IT, BI is a clear bridge into which each party places something important.

IT, according to TechTarget, can now draw closer to what business end users want through the deployment of initiatives like self-service BI. These programs represent close work between business users and the IT support staff providing assistance. Meeting in the middle could inspire workers of different stripes to see their role from a new perspective and increase their teamwork.

Focusing on data
IT leaders may ask, in the case of self-service BI, what exactly their workers would be doing once the project launched. Forrester researcher Boris Evelson gave an answer in a recent report. He noted that modern companies employing systems like self-service BI are more likely than ever to need their data to be organized, sorted and managed carefully. He noted that such companies should treat their data as a valuable resource, rather than something that is simply there.

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