Business intelligence excellence may require some finesse

Buying a business intelligence suite and making it work are two different actions entirely. Organizations that do the former should be prepared to put in effort for the latter, lest they end up throwing money after a process that doesn't suit their operations. This is the point where technology comes together with effort by employees at all levels of the business. Not every company knows just what it wants from BI yet, but nearly all can come to a satisfactory answer if they put their minds to it. Now, it's time for them to try. BI is here and their competitors are almost certainly making the technological jump.

The battle with conventional thinking
A recent piece by Smart Data Collective contributor Ray Major highlighted the many ways in which organizations may not heed the insights coming from BI algorithms. This is one important piece of squaring the BI circle: not just getting answers to business questions, but ensuring they are heard. Couching his analysis in the supply chain, he explained that users performing analytics on these processes may end up in uncharted territory, delivering input that leaders might reject due to their assumptions and biases about the way the department has been running.

Becoming a BI-dependent organization may take a hefty dose of people skills on behalf of the implementing professionals. Major suggested that these individuals reassure those who will be receiving their reports that the use of BI does not mean there is no room left for creative strategizing. He stressed that instead, analytics input can be a springboard to extremely bold plans for the company. Major also noted it's good to make a comparison between the new and old way of leading a company. Irrational intuition-based maps can only lead the organization so far. Supplanting these with BI is the way to change a firm for the better in a fundamental way.

Powerful software
Becoming a BI powerhouse may be connected with personal skills, but the tech at the heart of the matter must still be sound. This is where solutions such as Necto 14 come in. This deployment is adaptable, offering different types of insights to professionals in various roles. Everyone from the CEO to marketers and salespeople making calls every day does not have to take anyone's word for the conclusions reached by the algorithm. These individuals can all pull up custom dashboards and see for themselves. Implementing BI doesn't need to be an arduous event.

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