Business intelligence features gradually improving

While it's normal for business intelligence processes to be in place at leading organizations today, providers aren't resting on their laurels. Now that BI is a standard part of the IT toolkit, the challenge is procuring new and better processes – ones that can handle different types of data and inspect it in new and different ways, delivering insights employees can use in their everyday roles. The winners and losers of the productivity stakes over the next few years may be determined by which leaders can secure powerful BI deployments for their organizations and which come up short. In any case, now is a great time to examine trends in the market.

Preferred features for BI
A recent report by Kable highlighted some of the overall trends that are affecting the way BI products are designed and used. These solutions are far from stagnant, as the underlying technology is growing incrementally stronger and there are always ways to extract new and helpful insights from content. According to the source, this is a critical moment for BI. Organizations are finding use cases for the technology beyond the highly-trained IT leaders who have traditionally worked with it. In the past, these workers would field requests from all other interested departments. Now, there are many new ways to work with information.

The more employees and organization types harness BI, the better – making decisions without input from high-tech solutions is simply an unnecessary undertaking today with great options on the market. The source indicated that there are also big opportunities in mobility. Kable explained that mobility can be more than an extension of BI that is mainly performed on PCs and companies are striving to make mobile BI a unique and compelling experience on its own. This means new options and ways to work with content on the go.

A compelling new option
Organizations looking for their next major BI deployment can consider the list of features offered by Necto 14. This solution offers touch capabilities that make the mobile experience useful even if users don't touch base often. Rather than just checking data, they can manipulate powerful visualizations and stay plugged in on the go. These capabilities can be tailored to the preferences of individual users in various roles, meaning that Necto also supports the expansion of BI beyond the IT department. From the C-suite to marketers who go for long stretches without returning to their desks, there are graphs and charts to suit every employee group.

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