Business intelligence gets smarter in 2013

With so much attention placed on business intelligence solutions, this year is sure to see advancements in the technology. But where is it going, and how will it get there? According to Gartner research, this will be the year of enterprise application hosting, driven in large part by an explosion of new mobile data analytics.

According to Richard Daley, co-founder and CSO of the Pentaho Corporation, big data has the potential to provide industry-shifting business intelligence, with this year sure to see advancements in real-time analytics that will give companies a better grasp of social enterprise. Nabil Abu El Ata, Ph.D., president and CEO of Accretive Technologies, noted that business intelligence is still in its infancy, with much more promise to come.

"Companies are beginning to see that by leveraging these technologies, transformation of their businesses could be cheaper and faster, enabling them to really focus on gaining a competitive advantage in their market vs. keeping just their company running," he told Enterprise Apps Today.

Analytics drives the trend
Gathering big data is fairly easy, requiring only a database access point, but analyzing data is far more difficult. With far more files out there than people to review them, big data naturally creates a backlog. Researchers feel that although this backlog is significant, real-time analytics will meet with automation services to allow businesses to analyze information even without humans present. Small Business Computing reported that mobile applications will become particularly prominent this year, driven by the expansion of the public cloud, where mobile apps are experiencing a hayday of production and deployment.

However, many of the applications built in this cloud environment are not up to business standards, often designed more around a software maker's creative inclinations than the needs of a company. This is why more businesses are integrating virtual clouds into their infrastructures, enabling IT technicians to develop software in-office that is custom-made for the job.

Small businesses move to the cloud
Small businesses are gaining new use from cloud-based applications that help them to manage their information more smoothly. While companies offering BYOD are increasingly finding security holes, data safety software is becoming more advanced this year as the IT industry comes under attack from a burgeoning array of web-based malicious threats and develops safeguards accordingly.

Because they often lack security software, small businesses have been of particular interest to hackers in recent years. As BI solutions evolve, several firms have predicted that analytics, electronic discovery and information security applications will merge, helping business make more meaningful use of their data.

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