Business intelligence guiding Hallmark’s new branding efforts

When looking for the best means and methods for marketing a new rebranding effort, Hallmark Cards, one of the nation’s largest and most recognized publishers of greeting cards, turned to business intelligence to determine where to focus their efforts.

According to a recent Computerworld report, Hallmark has always embraced business intelligence, but is now ramping up its efforts.

The company will use the technology in its efforts to promote its new tagline and campaign theme – Life is a Special Occasion. While Hallmark is a clear[-]cut go-to for a birthday or special occasion card, the company is hoping the rebranding effort will keep consumers engaged throughout the year, according to the report.
“We need to figure out how to engage consumers across time,” Hallmark’s Jay Dittman, vice president of marketing strategy, told Computerworld.

He described the rebranding effort as a way for Hallmark to move away from seasonal and date-driven sales booms to focus more on “a persistent flow-of-life calendar consisting of moments.”

However, Hallmark knew doing so would take a lot of time and effort, so early and strong results are key. That’s why the company chose to step up its use of business intelligence.As part of the new program, consumers will have the option to submit certain bits of information to the company. By utilizing and analyzing this data, Hallmark will then be able to target marketing campaigns at consumers throughout the year.

Dittman described a scenario for Computerworld where Hallmark is aware a consumer’s child is fond of Walt Disney characters. Armed with this valuable information, Hallmark can suggest the consumer purchase Disney-themed cards or other products for planning a party.
And the company’s efforts could be further compounded once its merges this new information with the data it has already collected on 13 million loyalty program members.
“We’ve got to figure out how to merge the data and how to organize it. We’ve got to figure out how to architect the system,” he said.

The results of a survey recently released by BeyeNetwork suggest that many companies rely on business intelligence for important decision-making, such as what goes into constructing a marketing campaign. According to the poll, a combined 60 percent of respondents answered “about half the time” or “most of the time” when asked to what extent senior management relies on BI results for decision making. Ten percent said the technology is relied on “all the time.”

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