Business intelligence helps New York housing authority fight crime

The use of business intelligence technology has helped the New York City Housing Authority fight crime in the country’s largest city, according to a recent TechTarget report.

Prepared to invest heavily in surveillance cameras, because conventional wisdom says they help reduce crime, the NYCHA first used business intelligence to analyze 10 year’s worth of crime data, including police reports, the agency’s chief information officer Atefeh Riazi told TechTarget. But the results were mixed.

While cameras were shown to reduce instances of vandalism, they had nearly no effect in preventing violent crime after the cameras had been installed for two months or longer, analysis from business intelligence reports revealed. Only when they are paired with other measures to cameras really help deter violent crimes, the agency’s reports showed.

“Here we were, ready to make huge investments on additional camera equipment, before these findings showed that would not be a particularly useful expenditure,” Riazi told the technology news provider.

Last month, Dallas Baptist University officials announced they too make better decisions, while also saving time, with business intelligence. According to the university, its director and assistant director of institutional research experienced productivity gains of 586 percent to compile reports based on data pulled from student surveys.

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