Business intelligence integrates mobility

Mobile technology and business intelligence (BI) seem to be a good match. Companies are at their best when they have fast access to their vital facts and figures, and mobile devices provide handy outlets for that information. Mobile BI acts as the enabler, allowing executives and business section workers to have a constant stream of data at their fingertips. Developers are growing more adept at designing dashboards for mobile devices and the handsets themselves are becoming more powerful.

Mobility as default
At the moment, mobility is a feature of some BI systems, albeit an important one. According to Information Management, it could become the accepted way to access analytics. This fits the desires of actual BI users. The source stated that these professionals want their data quickly and through a simple interface. A long wait for a complex report can no longer stack up next to a resonant dashboard with the latest figures, something that mobility can offer on the go.

The news provider explained that many industry-watchers, including analyst Howard Dresner, expect that mobility, the cloud and collaborative features will eventually form the backbone of normal BI systems. Now, they are value-added propositions offered by leading providers. Businesses that take advantage of them now may be well placed to master the field once they have remade the BI market in their image.

Analytics processes bring together many of the systems and informational flows within companies' systems. According to the news provider, users are now eager to get those BI insights where the data resides rather than taking extraordinary steps to analyze it. The faster a product is, the better. The source predicted analytics apps are set to evolve, becoming less general as different types of users in various fields get their own tailor-made solutions.

High priority
The recent CIO Magazine Tech Priorities Survey found that many business leaders are eager to get their hands on improved BI. The source categorized it as an "edge" technology, rather than one of the main processes keeping things running. The next few years, however, could be very good to systems on the edges of IT, as the study found CIOs favoring BI, mobility and the cloud. These are powerful technologies that go well together, meaning the future could be driven by some combination of them.

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