Business intelligence is now present throughout company structures

It may be time for leaders without business intelligence solutions in place to question what is preventing them from making the jump. The idea has been around for decades and received several amendments in recent years – the addition of everything from big data compatibility to mobile access. Equipped with these newly powerful solutions, companies can answer their pressing performance questions and potentially outmaneuver the other members of their industries. In fact, firms that do not become adopters soon could find that their rivals have made the jump and end up behind, still making choices through the intuition of a few leaders rather than data.

Everyone's a data user
According to Enterprise Apps Today, BI is not just expanding to new companies, it is reaching all levels within businesses. This means that the dream of self-service BI is coming to pass. The source noted that research in early 2013 found that there was little penetration of BI into departments outside of a select few IT users, but that has changed. The new source comes from BARC, and Enterprise Apps Today explained that this latest survey detected 55 percent of respondents are now self-service BI users and 24 percent are on their way. Reaching more than half of employees is a tipping point.

The further self-service concepts go in business, the better the results can be. After all, having just a few employees perform their own analytics relieves a little pressure from IT departments. Having them all doing so is a natural progression, one that can transform a company. Enterprise Apps Today explained that one way to make this change possible is to ramp up the amount of visual dashboards on offer. Moving BI beyond the subject matter experts is easier when the tools are easy to use and read, providing a glimpse of trends and patterns that is comprehensible by any properly prepared user.

Time to shift
The idea that users not employing trends such as self-service are behind the curve may be worrying for those individuals. Thankfully, there are a few simple products that can resolve the situation and deliver many advanced capabilities at once. These are the tools such as Necto 14, which has been developed to both include custom views for employees in different departments and present those dashboards on a variety of screen types to ensure there is as little delay as possible between discovering a question in need of answering and getting a data-informed insight that will help resolve it.

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